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Pictures-of-kitchen-stoves-with-hanging-utensils-above-them, jan 22, 2016 - explore eyterwilliger's board "above kitchen cabinets", followed by 917 people on pinterest. see more ideas about above kitchen cabinets, kitchen cabinets, kitchen decor.. Sep 20, 2013 - explore jeffweintraub's board "alcove stoves" on pinterest. see more ideas about kitchen design, kitchen inspirations, kitchen remodel., this adorable country kitchen makes the most of the space above the kitchen cabinets with a vintage watering can and colorful metal sign. creamy cabinets and neutral dishware keep the space from looking too cluttered.. Welcome to our gallery featuring 25 images of spectacular kitchen islands with a stove.. while we have covered a multicolored galaxy of kitchens here before, we enjoy taking the time to narrow in on particular strains once in a while., i have soffit above my cabinets, except for some reason they left a little notch out above half of one cabinet, so i have about 12 x 12 inches of above the cabinets to work with..

A collection of small plants above these kitchen cabinets brings a pop of color and helps freshen the air. show off some art. if you like it bold and beautiful, then showing off some art work over the kitchen cabinet is something you would love to decorate that ‘awkward’ kitchen space with., i bet everybody knows what industrial style is. it’s a quite aesthetically pleasing yet not the most popular trend in kitchen design. it takes clues from old industrial spaces that are converted into living spaces..

Cutting list. a 3/4′ x 1-1/4′ board cut 1-1/2′ shorter than the cabinet face width b 3/4′ x 1-1/4′ board cut the same as cabinet depth c 3/4′ plywood cut 3′ longer than the cabinet face width and 1-1/2′ deeper than the cabinet depth d 1/4′ x 3/4′ molding cut and mitered to cover exposed plywood e filler piece to fill void between the face frame and the wall, there are a few highly predictable responses that i can anticipate nearly without fail, when posting here at the kitchn. one of these comes when we post a photo of a kitchen with any spices, oils, or open shelving near the stove. there is invariably an outcry from at least one or two readers who point out that the stove’s heat is sure to destroy those things in a blink of an eye..

One of the most easily forgotten slivers of wall space, that swath above the door frame begs to be decorated. enter: our favorite above door decor ideas

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