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Other-uses-for-kitchen-utensils, consult our tips for utilizing the kitchen's greatest multitaskers. that ice cream scooper? it can be used to scoop batter into cookies! and those tongs: they can squeeze more juice out of a lemon than you thought possible! who knew?. Kitchen mallets are one of those things that you probably would use often if you had it, but there are so many simple substitutes for it that you probably already own, it seems silly to buy. a rolling pin or even an actual hammer, can crush nuts, tenderize meat, or crumble graham crackers just as well. 7 use a turkey baster to pour pancake batter, for scrambled eggs on the go, use a waffle iron. whisk eggs, and mix in chopped vegetables and a dash of milk. spritz both sides of the waffle iron with cooking spray, and pour in egg mixture. cook....

From parsley to cinnamon, it's easy for spices to take over your cupboards. to fix this problem, lauren davison repurposed baby food jars and turned them into magnetic spice jars that easily attach to the side of the refrigerator. "they're a great way to keep clutter out of your cupboards, save time while cooking and add a touch of personality to the kitchen," she says., yes this is for the unusual uses: kitchen challenge. many things in the kitchen can be used for other than preparing food and drink or cleanup after you dirty up the place.i'll list a few ways to reuse items, use them in different ways and maybe some items re-purposed for something else..

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