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Minimalist-kitchen-utensils-list, for the purpose of this post, i only included kitchen tools on my minimalist kitchen equipment list. i’ve left the pantry staples for a separate list or else it would just get too long.. this page may contain affiliate links which means i earn a commission if you use them, at no extra cost to you.. Minimalist kitchen essentials appliances. immersion blender (takes up so little space, yet replaces the need for a blender); toaster oven (we rarely use our oven, so almost everything we bake is done in a toaster oven, which is easier and saves a lot of energy); water filter pitcher (or faucet attachment) this is a non-negotiable in my minimalist kitchen. . you must have safe, fresh drinking ..., that doesn’t mean you should never splurge on kitchen equipment—just wait until you get more serious about cooking. as you start cooking more and more you’ll find that certain basic kitchen tools are actually way too basic for your needs.anything that does just one thing is never going to be worth the purchase (looking at you, garlic press!), so keep your money for something that will be ....

The kitchen is a prime target for clutter. companies are inventing a gadget for every little thing – anything that can make cooking a little easier., when taking the leap of becoming a minimalist, one of the most daunting tasks is decluttering your kitchen. between the drawers, cupboards, pantry, fridge, freezer and countertops, you can end up with way more than you realize..

I’m so incredibly thrilled to be sharing my checklist for a capsule kitchen with you today! this is something that has been birthed over the past month or so, after researching for my pantry organization and essentials.i loved the idea so much, i decided to extend it to the entire kitchen.

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