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Does-a-accent-wall-have-chair-rail, ask kylie: ‘i have a chair rail, should the walls above and below it be the same colour or a different colour?’ this is a question i get a lot, particularly with the 1990’s homes and the old gals (referring to homes, not women). the chair rail was once a sign of a fancy-schmancy home but nowadays, can just look dated in a home where the goal is to ‘update and modernize’.. I want to do something to break up the sea of one color walls. thinking of a chair rail and trimming out the division from kitchen to family room. does this trim need to be white to match the rest of the trim or would a wood stain to match the entertainment unit work? would then paint walls above an..., why, oh why would someone want to do such a thing? i know why, of course. it’s because in an open floor plan like this, she believes that her only option for strong or dark color is to paint one or more accent walls, as the color would be “too much” for the entire space. i certainly agree that dark green would be too much. since the ceiling runs unbroken throughout multiple areas of the ....

Jan 4, 2019 - explore ~{chair rail}~'s board "chair rail" on pinterest. see more ideas about chair rail, home, moldings and trim., when talking about chair rail ideas, it’s not actually talking about a rail for a’s the name of a mid-wall molding which actually has less to do. it’s more about scale and proportion. if you know more about chair rail, knowing how and why it would drastically affect the feel and look of your space..

How to paint a room with a chair rail. chair rail is a commonly used interior design element that adds depth, contrast, and texture to otherwise plain interior walls. painting a room with chair ..., example: on one project, i’m using a grass-cloth wallpaper below the chair rail and a trellis-patterned wallpaper in the same color above. helpful: if you use a patterned wallpaper in a large space, it’s usually best to choose one with a large pattern. a small pattern is likely to disappear into the walls. of course, that might be what you want if you’re searching for a more subtle look.

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