Closing-up-an-old-fireplace-to-create-an-accent-wall, so you have a fireplace that doesn't actually work—but that doesn't mean it's totally useless. here are 16 stylish ways to decorate a non-functioning fireplace.. Summary: learn how to close a fireplace with a cast-iron surround, close a fireplace with a timber surround, close a fireplace with a tiled surround, close a fireplace with a brick or stone surround, close a fireplace with a raised hearth, brick up an opening, board up an opening and fit a chimney cowl., how to close off fireplaces. wood-burning fireplaces were a standby in homes for centuries, only being phased out when heating technologies powered by electricity and oil were developed. when a ....

Click to enlarge illustration. i have a brick chimney with two flues— one for a boiler, the other for an unused fireplace. even with the damper closed, the fireplace flue seems to dump cold air into the house all winter, so i’d like to seal it up., advice on the best methods of how to close or open a fireplace or chimney pot - find out how to open a blocked up fireplace so that you can use it as a fire and also how to block up an unwanted fireplace.

The aesthetic beauty and practical warmth of a fireplace in a home is a gem of architecture. however, keeping that space active may not always be the most efficient when energy bills heat up., opening up a fireplace is a great way to add character and value to a period property. but, if you’re tempted to see what’s behind a blocked up chimney, what do you need to know about building regs, costs and how to do it safely to make sure you don’t end up with a whole lot of mess?.

Oct 8, 2013 - explore timesunion magazines's board "can't use your fireplace? get creative with these ideas ", followed by 519 people on pinterest. see more ideas about fireplace, unused fireplace, home., we have discovered an old fireplace in a bedroom. we do not want to restore it and would like to block it up and plaster the chimney breast, so we can put furniture in front of it.. Sep 21, 2011 - i have had quite a few questions about how i covered up that giant black hole above the fireplace known to builders as the place to put a tv. in case you are wondering why we don’t just put our tv there, here are the reasons. one, the fireplace is too high, probably close […]

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