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Patio-cover-prices-per-square-foot, the average price using genuine alumawood patio cover products costs about ten to eleven dollars per square foot. over 250 square foot minimum. this cost is for an attached structure, bolting posts directly to your existing concrete slab.. The cost to build a 200-square-foot covered porch ranges from $4,600 to $22,000, or $10,500 on average. you can expect to pay $23 to $110 per square foot. the total includes flooring, steps, posts, railing, roofing and more. this includes a material cost of $11 to $70 per square foot and $12 to $40 per square foot in labor., on average, plan on spending $10 to $50 per square foot, depending on the materials selected and the contractor you choose. a standard fixed cover will be much cheaper than a retractable option. a simple patio umbrella that covers a majority of a patio can cost anywhere from $45 to $200..

Well, the average cost per square foot for a patio cover or pergola is around $35.15*. considering there are so many different types of patio covers and pergola systems on the market, one should expect to see a fairly large price difference between them all., designer aluminum covers are generally higher quality and more expensive. diy kits generally start at $10 per square foot for patio kits that attach to the home. freestanding diy kits start at $15.50 per square foot. if you plan on hiring a contractor to install the aluminum patio cover, the cost increases..

Patio roof cost using alumawood 10' x 20' solid patio cover complete $2,200 includes 3-…, patio cover prices per square foot patio cover kits home depot. patio cover plans wood patio cover kits. build a patio awning interior designs, aluminum patio covers home depot aluminum patio cover wholesale aluminum patio covers. design overview. published: april 4, 2016. viewed. Patio cover prices per square foot patio cover kits home depot. patio cover plans wood patio cover kits. aluminum patio cover materials interior designs, lowe's aluminum patio covers vinyl patio covers patio awnings product. design overview. published: october 31, 2015. viewed

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